1. Trump USA

From the recording KILL HOLLYWOOD

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Cari Cartmill- Vocals & Piano
George Christian-Guitar & Bass
David Fernandez-Drums
Recorded At: Melrose Music Studios , KH Studio Palm Springs CA & 4TH Street Recording Santa Monica CA
Produced By Cari Cartmill
Engineered & Mastered By David Williams- Melrose Music Studios Hollywood CA
Copyright-Cari Cartmill, ascap All Rights


Trump USA
I've seen you on a dusty road
And I've seen you load your gun
Seen your silhouette there pressed tight against the sun
With Putin on your shoulder
Deplorable hatred in your heart
The Reality TV star, tailor made for the part
Does everybody out there got a nickel for a brain
Two cents to rub together
Or a dime bag to ease the pain
Little shiny silver badges on rows dressed in red white & blue
Who stand corrupted to protect & serve
The blood & soil of a racist few
Trump USA
It's just oh KKK
Now they are burning crosses
In the middle of the day
Trump USA, it's another
Fine White Nationalist day
When we're up we're down
Bots in Bots out
Hackers plottin' on Facebook's office couch
Does everybody out there got a nickle for a brain
This country we love will rise above
We'll be united once again
Little shiny FOX poodles on my not so Smart TV
Repeatin' criminal lies, flauntin' Putin ties & Cagin’ kids in the land of the free
Welcome to Trump's USA
Welcome to Trump's USA
The Reality TV Star was tailor-made for the part