From the recording KILL HOLLYWOOD

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Cari Cartmill- Vocals ,Piano & Keys
George Christian-Guitar
David Fernandez-Drums
Recorded At: Melrose Music Studios Palm Springs CA & 4th Street Recording Santa Monica CA
Produced By David Williams & Cari Cartmill
Engineered & Mastered By David Williams- Melrose Music Studios Hollywood CA
Copyright-Cari Cartmill, ascap All Rights


Oh Hey You Say- November's Stolen Day
Never thought I’d learn to Pray
America We Don't Recognize You
Her Soul Crushing Loss
Brought US This Crazy Boss
Fascism Comes Carrying A Flag & A Cross
America Look At All We've Lost
This Won't Last (take) Forever
America's Stronger Together
Remember What She Said...(Resist )
Listen Up My Countrymen
Watch As Love Trumps Hate Again
Packin' Truth Onto His 747
Oh Now You Find It's Such A Scary Time
Our Country’s' Captain & His High Crimes
America We Are Not Blind
Home Of the Brave Land Of The Free
Now We're Ruled By - Ruled By Secrecy
Illegitimate 45 Like All Con Men Lied
Oh Hey You Say- November's Stolen Day
Never thought I'd learn to pray
America we don't recognize you
Her soul crushing loss
Brought US this crazy Boss
Fascism came carrying our flag & a cross
America look at all we’ve lost