From the recording BACK FROM OBLIVION

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Cari Cartmill-Vocals & Keys
George Christian-Guitar& Bass
Dave Fernandez-Drums
Produced By- Cari Cartmill
Recorded At- Melrose Recording Studios Hollywood & Palm Springs
KH Studio Palm Springs CA
Engineered & Mastered By- David Williams- Melrose Mastering Hollywood CA
Copyright- Cari Cartmill,ascap All Rights


A week of Sundays
To see Nirvana
A Toll is due
My darling Sarah
The light is Red
Yourself is cold
You breathe a scent 19 years old
''We are such stuff as dreams are made of our little lives are rounded with sleep"
Flowers make you feel good
Where I never could
Flowers in my , flowers in my Blood
A week of war
To steal the summer
The coals are raked
With silent warnings
Tonight may disturb the dreams of birds
And leave us willing to start again