From the recording BACK FROM OBLIVION

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Cari Cartmill-Vocals, Keys & R. Guitar
Aimee Aro -Bking Vocals
David Williams- Guitar & Bking Vocals
Armando Flores- Bass
Dave Fernandez-Drums
Produced By- Cari Cartmill
Executive Producer- Aimee Aro
Copyright- Cartmill/Tyner,ascap All Rights
Recorded At- Melrose Recording Studios Hollywood & Palm Springs & Gatos Trail Studio Joshua Tree CA & KH Studio Palm Springs CA
Engineer By- David Williams
Mastered At- Bernie Grundman Mastering


All I've Seen
9 to 5 a bitter scene
So I could hide-away & dream
Or even howl at the moon
Go out screaming at the moon
The brightest colours that i've seen
Were lovers blue & jealous green
Saw you screaming at yourself
You could use a little help
(So could I)
CH- All I've seen cuts like a knife
When all I earn is bad advice
When everybody has a price
from all I've seen it ain't too nice

Dictation situation lies...
No wonder everybody cries
No use whistling a tune
Go out howling at eh moon
(Every night)
(Ch etc)