1. Kill Hollywood

From the recording House of Wheels

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Cari Cartmill - Vocals & Keys
D. Cash Williams- Guitars & Bkng Vocals
Armando Flores- Bass
Dave Fernandez- Drums
Produced By- Cari Cartmill
Engineered & Mastered By - David Williams
Recorded & Mixed By- David Williams & Cari Cartmill
Recorded At- Melrose Music Studios- Hollywood CA
Copyright- Cari Cartmill, ascap


Boulevard of broken (drunken) pipe dreams
Nothin' here is ever what it seems
Handin' out tickets as you pass by
I can see you're local it's in the eyes
Wind up your pretty gold watch
Use raw power to (tack) another notch
Say hey now lady it's not that bad--(better)
Take this chance it’s the last you’ll ever have---
Kill Hollywood-
(Won't) change my mind
It's been beggin' me to do it
For the longest damn time
Pull me off this barstool toss me a dime
Gonna kill Hollywood I've made up my mind
Beggin’ me to do it for the longest damn time
So pull me off this barstool toss me a dime
Gonna kill Hollywood
Kill Hollywood & let the punishment fit the crime
They can call me a bitter old hack
Fire up a war machine go on the attack.
LA’s streets are grim & full of sin
Trouble’s at your door & it’s bangin’ to get in
Inside outside camera on your good side
Think twice before ya follow their advice
Now that I've got nothing to lose
I’ve made up my bed & paid all my dues