From the recording House of Wheels

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Cari Cartmill - Vocals & Organ/Keys
D. Cash Williams- Guitars
George Christian- Bass
Dave Fernandez- Drums
Produced By- Cari Cartmill
Engineered & Mastered By - David Williams
Recorded & Mixed By- David Williams & Cari Cartmill
Recorded At- Melrose Music Studios- Hollywood CA
Copyright Cartmill/Badjak, ascap


They found me lyin’ by the side of the road
Ain't seen the daylight since I walked out your door
Tired of drivin’ in the heat of the night
Come on people let’s get this right
And still I know you left me lying
Side, side, side, side of the road
Side of the road
At the Rainbow late- night partyn’ down
With American Express cash is easily found
We looked outrageous we were makin’ the scene
Strung-out and slamming shots of gasoline
Got sick about a quarter of three
By now the Police were lookin’ for me
Tired of drivin’ in the heat of the night
Too tired to bitch or even put up a fight