From the recording House of Wheels

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Cari Cartmill - Vocals, Organ & Acoustic Guitar
D. Cash Williams- Guitars
Armando Flores- Bass
Dave Fernandez- Drums
Produced By- Cari Cartmill
Engineered & Mastered By - David Williams
Recorded & Mixed By- David Williams & Cari Cartmill
Recorded At- Melrose Music Studios- Hollywood CA
Copyright- Cari Cartmill, ascap


I’m a liar and I am a thief
I take pleasure in your grief
Let me tell ya about the places I’ve been
I’ve been lookin’ for trouble
And I want you to join in
I live on a diet of hate
Bottles of pills and stayin’ up late
I am the doctor for your agony
Give ya so much pain
All you can think of is me
I am the child you wish
The bitch never had
I’m every word that ever
Said something bad
I’m starting to get bored
And that’s not my style
So I think I'll come
Stay at your place for awhile
Got a girlfriend but she’s not enough
Punch all the kittens & give ‘em my stuff
Gotta make my mark all the way across town
Like a terminal disease
Striking everyone down
(No one escapes me)