From the recording House of Wheels

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Cari Cartmill - Vocals & Piano/Keys
D. Cash Williams- Guitars & Bkng Vocals
Aimee Aro - Bkng Vocals
Belinda Foster - Bkng Vocals
Armando Flores- Bass
Dave Fernandez- Drums
Produced By- Cari Cartmill
Engineered & Mastered By - David Williams
Recorded & Mixed By- David Williams & Cari Cartmill
Recorded At- Melrose Music Studios- Hollywood CA
Copyright- Cari Cartmill, ascap


I've seen you climb your steps of gold
Heard ya tell them to load their guns
Seen your silhouette there
Pressed tight against the sun
With Putin on your shoulder
Insurrection in your heart
The Reality TV star was tailor-made for the part

To all my countrymen out there
With a nickel for a brain
Stop believing the Big Lie
Stifle your battle cry
Before a Civil War comes again
He sent a sea of red hats marching
In rows waving the red, white & blue
Repeatin' seditious lies
Flauntin' fascist ties
You watched as Americans died
Trump's USA
It's just oh KKK
Now they are beating Cops in the middle of the day
Trump's USA
It's another fine White Nationalist day
When we're up we're down
Hackers In Bots out
Traitors plotting on the Oval Office couch
Now does everybody out there
Got a nickel for a brain
This country we love will rise above
We'll be united once again
Little whiny FOX poodles
On my not so Smart TV
Repeatin' a criminal's lies
Flauntin' treasonous ties
Shooting our kids in the land of the free